How long will taking from measurement to installation?

Once we have received the enquire for on-site inspection, we will schedule as soon as possible based on our current schedule. From measurement to installation normally will taking 1-2 weeks, it subject to the order we had on hand. 

What is the warranty after installation?

The warranty period starts counting from the day of installation and covers a duration of two years. During the warranty period, if any issues arise with the product's performance (including lock malfunctions, difficulty in sliding, and non-human-induced damage to the net), you can contact us at any time for on-site inspection and repair.

How long can the A1 insect screen last?

A1 insect screen can be used for more than 10 years under normal circumstances.

After the installation from A1 insect screen, will it affect nature light and ventilation?

A1 insect screens do not impede ventilation or natural light. We source our fiberglass from the renowned US-based Phifer Company. Through a unique tensioning method, our screens are virtually invisible and have no impact on the flow of air and light. In fact, they assist in dust reduction, contributing to an improved living environment.

Is A1 insect screen providing pet friendly mesh?

Yes, we do have pet friendly mesh. Our system and mesh is cat proof and for pet we do have tuff screen which is scrunchable and insect blocked. 


How to process the order with A1 insect screen?

When the customer received our quotation and would like to process, we will collect 50% of the total amount as deposit and signature needs to be done on the quotation.

When to pay the balance amount to A1 insect screen?

We will only collect the balance amount upon the installation date, work should be finished and confirmed from the owner.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, you can change or cancel your order but the deposit is not refundable if order cancel.