Roller Mosquito Screen

Product Features

Feature 1

Pet-friendly and not easily pushed open, designed specifically for cats and dogs, providing protection for pets while keeping mosquitoes and insects out.

Feature 2

Suitable for any window, easy to pull down with a built-in lock.

Feature 3

The screen mesh is made of high-transparency glass fiber material, offering protection against insects while maintaining a clear view of the outside. The mesh has a smooth finish.

Feature 4

When not in use, the screen mesh can be rolled up into the roller box, providing ventilation options.

Product Parameters

Mesh Material:

Phifer brand, imported from the United States

High-transparency glass fiber (standard)

High-transparency glass fiber with pet-resistant option

Opening Method:

Using the screen mesh: Pull down until it locks at the bottom.

Rolling up the screen mesh: Use two fingers to unlock at the center, and it will automatically roll up slowly.

Size Range:

Width: 700mm - 2200mm

Height: Up to 2000mm

Aluminum Frame Color / Mesh Color:

Standard aluminum frame colors: Black / White / Brown / Silver (additional cost for custom spray painting)

Standard mesh color: Black (recommended, as it best restores the original view)

Suitable for Window Types:

Casement windows / Sliding windows

Wall (for any type of location, aluminum alloy frame support available)


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